why isn’t everything made of funfetti

i don’t care what y’all say about them being real or not i fucking LoVE dragons

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Got to shoot Seattle Pacific University’s Big Party tonight. Class starts tomorrow. 2014-2015 bring it on. We’re ready for you.

Went on an epic “get my new car to the PNW” roadtrip with my two main Seattle girls last week. Here’s some silly shots that don’t really fit into other photosets, but they so deserve to be seen by the world.

San Clemente, CA —> Oakhurst, CA —> Yosemite National Park —> Lassen Volcanic National Park —> Crater Lake National Park —> Seattle, WA

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Holly is the best freaking human in the world and loves Jesus so much and gosh. Sometimes social media is a good thing and connects you to the most wonderful people/amazing photographers.

Golden Gardens, Seattle, WA

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"You know, I could drink Blue Moon, or I could go into the garden and chew on some flowers for a while. It starts out orange and then goes nutty and then goes to a cream…and I’m just not ready for that journey."

- Preston Crenshaw being a beer snob

Tonight at the Castle: official pink hair pix and pizza nomin

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Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, CA

❝ We all want to turn away from anything that reveals the failure, pain, sickness and death beneath the brightly painted surface of our ordered lives. Civilization is, at least in part, about pretending that things are better than they are. We all want to be in a happy place, where everyone is nice and good and can fend for themselves. We shun our own weakness and the weakness of others. We refuse to listen to the cry of the needy. How easy it is to fall into the illusion of a beautiful world when we have lost trust in our capacity to make of our broken world a place that can become more beautiful. ❞
— Jean Vanier
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I would’ve gone outside and waited for sunset to take some sugarplum fairy hair selfies, but lol, I live in Seattle again and it’s raining so here’s some boring pix taken in my beautiful new living room that you can’t really see at all. Once again, out with the gold and in with the red. Fall is here (or almost here).

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cadetnursekellytri asked: Hey! I love your photos! I was wondering what camera/lenses you use.

Thanks, friend! I’m going to post this as an addition to my FAQ, because I’ve been getting asked about my gear a lot lately. I shoot with a Nikon D5200, and my two main lenses are a manual Nikon 35mm f/1.4 and a Sigma 50mm f/1.4. Badda bing badda boom.

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Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, CA

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Miro Tea, Ballard, Seattle, WA

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